Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

In this episode, Keila dives into the concept of "unreasonable hospitality" inspired by Will Guderia's book of the same name. She explores how going above and beyond to create exceptional customer experiences can be a game-changer for businesses of all kinds, not just restaurants. Keila shares practical strategies for infusing warmth, surprise, and authenticity into every client interaction.

  • (00:00) - This is Build to Enough
  • (01:15) - Unreasonable Hospitality
  • (03:13) - Applying Hospitality in Accounting: The Littlefish Approach
  • (05:01) - Surprising and Delighting Customers: The 95 5 Rule
  • (07:32) - Continuous Improvement and Client Feedback
  • (09:08) - Finding Inspiration in Unlikely Places
  • (11:05) - Final Thoughts: Hospitality Isn't Just for the Elite

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Keila Hill-Trawick, CPA, MBA
Keila Hill-Trawick, CPA, MBA
Helping entrepreneurs create and maintain the business they want | Building to Enough | LinkedIn Top Voice | Intuit Partner Council | Accounting Firm Owner
Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences
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